Church meeting at Leigh Road Baptist Church

By Times Reporter in Community News

SIR David Amess, MP for Southend West, along with Leigh ward Coun Peter Wrexham and Anita Forde, Leigh Town Council, met with members of the congregation at Leigh Road Baptist Church to discuss the role of the church in the local community.

Some of the topics that Sir David brought up regarding the community were homelessness and loneliness. Homelessness prevention was acknowledged to be a key way that the church could become involved in community with the root causes of why homelessness begins for an individual needing to be understood and addressed by the church.

Sir David also focused upon loneliness and the elderly, making the point that whilst donating money to a charity is needed and generous, often what is more effective is for people in their busy and fast paced lives to slow down and talk with a someone who is lonely in their community or neighbourhood.

Finally, the invited guests to the church were asked on what they would want to see churches proactively doing in their community.

Sir David commended the current work that all churches and places of worship do in the constituency and also conveyed the idea of mentoring, where people of different backgrounds and experiences in a congregation talk to and share with others. Join us on Facebook: TheLeighTimes and on Twitter: @TheLeighTimes

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